21st Century Parent Communication

"I never got that note?" "Why is my kid failing?"

Why we have to change our ways of communication...

We have come along way from notes, to phone calls, to emails as ways of getting a hold of parents. Most of our parents do not check their personal email and few check their personal voice mails on a regular basis.

If our only form of communication is by paper (which never makes it home), or email (which may not be checked in a timely manner) then we are only hitting about 22% of our families.

We are going to get our messages across to more families by expanding our forms of communication. Not all families have a computer or tablet at home, but I can almost guarantee everyone has a cell phone and most if not all are on Facebook or Twitter at least once a day!

Facebook, Twitter, and text messages hit the majority of our families. This S'MORE gives apps and sites that will help you provide effective communication to your families.


FREE Account

5 fliers

Can edit them as many times as wanted

2 extras if you get people to sign up

PAID Account

$59 a year for educators vs $230

Unlimited fliers


Custom backgrounds

Make private

(I believe they offer a back to school special for $39)

You can add text, pictures, calendar events, audio files, links, form (not as easy as Drive), pictures, and videos.

KEEP IT SIMPLE! bullet points, not paragraphs!

  • Have kids write the articles or make videos to post.
  • Record yourself going over all the Tuesday folder fliers explaining each one.
  • Videos of presentations
  • Pics from field trips

FUN TIP: if you want fancy fonts or more features simply type it first in a Doc then copy and paste. Font formatting will transfer over.

Signing up for SMORE ! Sign up and play around.

Class Messenger

  • Similar to Remind or Portfoliyo
  • Text Message system
  • 2 way communication
  • Group messages
Allows for:
  • Attaching docs, pics, and links
  • Scheduling messages for later
  • Schedule recurring messages
  • Messages regarding behavior, forms, etc
  • Reminders
  • Attach homework
  • Poll parents or students
  • Request donations/volunteers
  • Set up conferences

You can add parents or they can add themselves.

Android and Apple app and computer friendly. Web based

Easy to use!

Visit CLASS MESSENGER to sign up for your free account.

Big image


FREE Version:

  • 15 min of record time
  • record screen and webcam video
  • publish to desktop or youtube
  • save as MP4, AVI, FLV movie

PAID Version: ($15 per year)

all of the above plus:

  • unlimited record time
  • publish to Drive
  • screenshots
  • no watermark
  • password protect
  • editing and scripting tools
  • record system audio
  • screen and/or webcam recording
  • draw and zoom while recording


  • create how to videos for parents
  • record newsletter
  • Tuesday folder flier explanation
  • video lessons
  • homework lessons or explain homework
  • present a Google Slides Presentation and record audio

Visit Screencast-O-Matic now. Create a shortcut on your tool bar.


Every student account is automatically set up to include a Parent Code. This can be found either on the student account just below the groups or you can get it in the members section. Here is a quick video to show you and parents where to find their parent code. Feel free to share this video with your parents. Or you can always make your own!

Edmodo Parent Code Video LINK


Did you know that you can send parents an email from Focus when kids are failing or having missing work!

Parents can opt to include an email when they register their child for school. If they did, then that email is attached to the child's Focus account.

Check out this video to learn how to make this happen!

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Is getting homework home an issue? Are reading logs being completed and returned? KidBlog has helped me get homework turned in and keep parents in the loop for what is due.

  • Reading Response (reading log)
  • Newsletter/what's going on in class
  • Parents can reply

Link to Video

Sign Up Here

Google Drive

post videos

post pics

behavior logs

links to forms, permission slips, etc

sign up for conferences, classes, volunteers

back to school night forms template form

Here is a LINK to a great blog post about using drive for parent communication.

Copy Machine

You are probably asking yourself, "How can the copy machine help me communicate with parents? I thought we weren't supposed to send papers home."

Have you ever found the SCAN and Send feature??

Part 1 Scanning on your copy machine. Video LINK HERE

Part 2 Sharing the scanned images. Video LINK HERE