Geography Final Review

By:Tristan Ansell


Plate tectonics: Structure of earths crust, they move slowly to form natural landmarks.

Transboundary pollution: pollution that originates from one country but travels over borders into another.

Outsourcing: obtains goods from a outside or foreign supplier.

Sibsistence farming: farming for food not for a profit.

Commercial farming: farming for a profit

Cultural assimilation: when two languages clash

Cultural hearth: change in land due to human domestication

Cultural diffusion: spread of cultural beliefs from one group to another

Urbanization: increase in population in cities and suburbs

Globalization: business or technology that spreads around the world

Population density: amount of population within a geometrical area

Stateless nation: an ethnic or religious group that is not the mejority population

Green revolution: a large increase in crop production in developing countries due to fertilizer

Why do people in south west Asia depend not the yearly monsoons every summer?

There agriculture, climate change

The UN was created to maintain peace throughout the world and in struggling countries.

What can you infer from this map?

Most countries gained there independence between 1790 to 1828

Provide an example showing how physical geography can affect a countries economic activities.

And island, nation-fishing, plains farming...

What is a common argument in favor to nuclear power plants? What is a common argument against them?

They provided eco friendly power... But they spread radiation.

Which event led to the global spread of American popular culture?

The spread of the English (international) language.

What event had the greatest impact on the political, economic, and cultural elements in Mexico?

The arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.