Source Analysis Assignment

In the Rubber Coils

In the Rubber coils

"In the Rubber Coils" is a cartoon created by Sir Edward Linley Sambourne. It is a famous piece created on November 28 1906. And was about king Leopold II's private property in Congo Free State. The source is a secondary source as it is not directly from where the problem was and is a play on what happened or what was happening at that time.

Sir Edward Linley Sambourne

Edward Linley sambourne was a cartoonist for punch comics. And he was the artist of "In the Rubber Coils". Punch comics was a magazine which is now shut down but was major when it was running.

This is a self portrait of Sir Edward Linley Sambourne in 1891

Analysis of the source

This source is the expressed view of Sir Edward Linley Sambourne and it was created due to happening around that time and because Sir Edward thought heavily of the subject in topic. I think it is expressed in a very truthful way and that it shows how the locals were treated and thought of by King Leopard II.

This is the cartoon of "In the Rubber Coils"