Teotronics Wholesales

For the best Electronics in Germany and surroundings

About us

We were founded in 1995 by 3 businessmen from The Netherlands.
The company location is in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
Our name was made out of the last name of one of the businessmen: Sandu Teodor.
It was a mixture of Teodor and Electronics which made: Teotronics.
Since we started as a small company our budget wasn't enormous but after a while we opened more distributioncentre's in Germany and became the largest import and export company in electronical devices in West-Europe.

We work together with huge companies like: HP, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Apple and Philips.
We import all the products from the country's where they were made and we sell them for great prices to our customers.

The company started with importing laptops and mobile phones in 1995 to Germany and sold them to their business associates.
A few years later we got a price for the best wholesale company in electronical devices of Germany.

In 2003 we bought a new compound in Berlin so we could do business easier with Eastern-European countries.
Since then we had contacts in Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.
In the West of Europe we had contact with: The Netherlands, Switzerland, Great-Britain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2011 we also decided to build a distribution centre in: Russia and the UAE.
These countries are very important for trading so that’s why we built them over there.

CEOs: Klaas-Jan de Boer, San Teshayev and Sandu Teodor were happy about the turnovers of the year. The turnovers of 2012 became 2.5 billion dollars per year, which is 208 million dollar per month.
But this was still not what they wanted because they had to pay for almost 3000 employees every month.

In 2013 the company became the highest earning wholesale company in the world.
Which all started in the city of Frankfurt by 3 young entrepreneurs.