Room 103 Newsletter


Dear Room 103 Families,

The Pattern Fashion Show is finally here! I hope to see you all Thursday morning for our end of the year gathering. I know many of you will be on your way to work, so I'll try to stay on schedule. We'll start first thing in the morning, I'll be asking for parent help to get the kids into their patterns and the fashion show portion should be over by 8:40. After the show you are welcome to stay for some breakfast snacks until 9. The kids are excited!

We've had a couple science lessons in the past couple of weeks that I wanted to let you know about. One of them was called "Hidden Colors." The kids learned about primary and secondary colors and predicted what would happen when colors were mixed or separated. The Kinders got to separate colors by dipping strips of coffee filters, that had been colored with marker, into cups of water. Then they got to mix primary colors, in order to make secondary colors, on a color wheel. It was a lot of fun.

We also got a chance to study worms in the garden. The students got a plate of worms and a magnifying glass and got to observe and touch the worms. At first, most of the kids were hesitant to touch the worms, but by the end of garden, I think each one of them held a worm. We learned that worms have six hearts, many segments, and no eyes or ears. The kids were fascinated. Check out the pictures below.

Thursday morning I will put some of the children's work in the hallway. Please take their work packets home. There is optional math homework in there if you're child is inspired to do some over the break. I will also send them home with a Winter Writing Journal. It would be great if they could write a few times while they are away from school.

If I don't see you this Thursday, I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Break. The kids have made so much progress in our short time together and I know it's because you all are doing your part at home. Thank you for all your support, time, and hard work.

See you Tomorrow.

*I'm sending home a special art piece in the blue folders. Check it out.


Miss Siobhan


Things for your Calendar

Thursday 12/17 - Pattern Fashion Show

Friday 12/18 - Return book bags and Communication folders

Monday 12/21 - 12/3 - Winter Break - No School

Pattern Fashion Show

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 8:15am

Room 103

Come see the kids show off their pattern expertise in the most stylish way. Afterwards stay for some breakfast treats.

See you all there!

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