Children's Librarian

By Carissa Rhodes

Nature of the Job

In general, librarian help people conduct research for personal and professional use, but when you work in a library for children, your job works a little differently. You help kids decide what kinds of books they want to read. You have to be good at reading people, it will help you recommend books more accurately.

Work Environment

When you are a librarian for children, you either work for the local government at a public librarian, or in an elementary school. Most librarians work full time, but some part time work is available.

Pay: 55,370 annually

Job Outlook: 7% (slower than average) As people become more accustomed to using technology to read, libraries will become less popular and the need for librarians will decrease.

How do you become one?

Most librarians need a master's degree in library science. Some librarian jobs, especially ones where you work with children, require teaching certificates or degrees in another field.

Similar Occupations

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  • Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers
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