Where are they located

They have been found in Indonesia.

What products are made in the sweatshops?

They have low and high top shoes.

Did the company respond to accusations that they use sweatshops?

The company did not really respond to what happened at the sweatshops. They already knew about what was going on but they just warned them to not treat them the way they did.

What are the conditions of the workers in these sweatshops?

Converse sneakers worker said that the supervisors throw shoes at them and call them pigs and dogs. they get paid 12 cent a hour no matter the condtions or enviroment

What did I learn?

That people who make the products you love are going through harsh conditions and working all hours of the night to make others happy and to keep their families alive.

Am I concerned about the products and how they are Made?

After doing my research on sweatshop from converse, I am very concered. I wonder why would they pay them a small amount of money and treat them bad, they are making products for "converse fans"

How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditions Today?

The way that it affected the working conditions today is by making it easy to make products fast and better.


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