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This is a page to help you with all your YouTube needs, from YouTube Down loader to How to use YouTube itself. also on this website you will find information on the latest version of YouTube, who is number one, and multiple pictures to increase your knowledge of the site.

YouTube it a video sharing website where you can search, and post videos. You can only comment and post videos if you have made a YouTube account, it is easy and FREE! I hope you will enjoy the website and that it does you good. Thanks!

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How To Use The New Youtube
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Digital Citizenship: (Definition)

Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

1. Digital Access:

  • This website is completely free and anybody can create an account if you are 13 or older and you can go on YouTube from your phone and laptop if you have an internet connection.
2. Digital Commerce:

  • There are multiple adds on YouTube, the products can range to anything, but not all of the adds are real like "The Big Bouncy Inflatable Green Ball" by Nigahiga. When there are real adds there is usually a website link either in the video or in the description (It is usually in both places.) When you search for a video adds will come up and will not necessarily have to do with what you search, but will have a decent connection.
3. Digital Communication:

  • You can communicate with other people on YouTube by commenting on videos on their profile or in a private message. YouTube is an instant access source of videos, but some videos contain explicit content that says you can only view it if you are over 18 years of age. YouTube has a semi-appropriate use of the devices like tutorial videos or "How To" videos, but some videos are no help for anything. YouTube has an
  • educational source of videos like the tutorials and again the "How To" videos, but again not every video is educational most are just for entertainment.
4. Digital Literacy:

  • When you sign up to you tube it will tell you all about digital literacy, how to use it appropriately, it also gives you some tools to edit your videos. There is also other videos that you can search on YouTube to find out how to use technology correctly.

5. Digital Etiquette:

  • Everyone is expected to be mature on YouTube, but of course there are a few individuals that are immature and cause trouble in the comments of some videos. No one really does anything about it but some people have gotten their videos deleted or have been banned from YouTube because of it.

6. Digital Law:

  • The laws on YouTube apply to most everything else, like you can not plagiarize, or disobey the copyright conduct. Witch means if you "copy paste" something and don't give the person credit and say it is your own that would be illegal. Also if you record a television show and post it that is also illegal, however you can post scenes or small clips from the show, but people take advantage of that by posting all the scenes of a show or movies and putting it into different parts. you also have to use citations if you did a research project and posted it or give the URLs of sites were you found the information and post it in the video's description.
7. Digital Rights and responsibility:

  • The digital rights on YouTube are as I said before you are not allowed to use copyrighted videos, music, or words unless you cite them after (this also falls under responsibility.) Be sure to behave on YouTube because if you do not you could be kicked off/ banned.

8. Digital Health and Wellness:

  • Be sure not to be on YouTube 24/7 because you will loose a lot of brain cells and you don't want that. There are also videos on how to be healthy and to take care of your body.
9. Digital Security:

YouTube is a very secure website that keeps it's files secure. You can make your account as secure as you want. The more complex your password the more secure your account is, but make sure that you can remember it, I suggest that you write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

Common Sense Tips

  • Post helpful videos or appropriate videos.
  • Do not post hateful comments on other people videos.
  • Be aware that the world can see your video.
  • Do not post videos of bomb making.
  • If your video has some inappropriate stuff make sure to set it so only YouTube members can see it.
  • Be nice to other members.
  • Be courteous of others on YouTube.
  • Be respectful to other members.
  • Be responsible on YouTube
  • Post only your own media.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the implications of digital citizenship in today's world?

A: YouTube has changed how the world listens to music and catch up on news. We now can watch YouTube anywhere anytime.

Q: What are the implications of digital citizenship at Maranacook?

A: At Maranacook students have full access to YouTube for all of there projects, they can also post their projects on YouTube or watch videos freely.