All About Colombia

By: Clayton Aultman

Some Basic Information

Colombia is a very hectic and beautiful country. With its 48.32 million person popular, Colombia is packed with people and beauty. The country is roughly the size of Texas, so there is plenty of space for each person in Colombia. The capitol city is Bogota.
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I Colombia, the culture is very diverse. In most dishes, pork, potatoes, chicken, beans, corn and rice are included. The most popular businesses in Colombia are Oil and Gas Operations and Financial Services. The number 1 export in Colombia is Crude Petroleum. Colombia has an education system much like America, with different stages and schools for each age group. They like to entertain themselves by playing soccer and dancing in Colombia. Colombia mostly participates in Catholicism as their religion.
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The weather in Colombia is a very warm climate year round, due to it being near the equator. This means that the vegetation in Colombia is a very tropical set of plants. Some of the animals are the Andean Condor, Jaguars, Capybaras, and Southern Right Whales.
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In Colombia, their main currency is the Colombian Peso. A job that is done a lot in Colombia is being a teacher.
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More Facts

The government in Colombia is a democracy. Sofia Vergara (Actress- Modern Family), Shakira (Singer), and John Leguizamo (Actor- Ice Age) all are from Colombia. Is a part of the "Ring of Fire" which is a line of countries with volcanic action. If you go to Colombia, a main attraction is to go to Cartagena. The biggest city in Colombia is Bogota, which is a very busy city.
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