EQ: How does poverty effect children mentally?


  • 3 billion people have only $2.50 dollars a day
  • 1 billion kids live in poverty
  • internal illness- deppresion
  • external illness- antisocial

To Begin With...

Causes of Poverty

  • laziness
  • poor choices
  • national dept
  • mental illnesses (fixed mindset)

Causes of Mental Illness in Less Fortunate Children

  • confusion
  • bullying
  • abuse
  • deppresing atmosphere at home

Mental Effects on a Child in Poverty

  • deppresion
  • anti-social
  • anxiety

(usually carries into adulthood)


Final Thoughts:

I believe that that povetry can cause mental illness in children such as anxiety, deppression, being anti-social, etc. These effects can also last through adulthood causeing the child to stay in poverty. The atmosphere at home also has a big impact. For example child abuse rates are higher in lower class homes. This also causes mental ilnesses to rise such as deppresion and anxiety. Confusion and a fixed mindset can also show up in a kid that is never told why they have to live in those conditons. If the parents are never home because they have more than one job etc the child can become anti-social by not getting the attention they need. Also bullying at school leaves effects a child. Being bullied because of their living conditions or how they dress etc.


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