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World War ll:1941

Japan Entered WWll in December 7,1941 in a Brutal attack on the US Naval Base Pearl Harbor Hawaii.The cause of the attack was mainly three reasons,firstly it was to eliminate any interferance from the US in its invasion of China.The US had been Exporting War supplies into china,Japan was forced to Embargo the supply effort.Second was that the US embargoed the oil supply to Japan.Japan estimated it had 2 years of oil in reserves,which would not be enough to secure and control China.Third was as a demonstration of strength to ensure control of the west Indies.

Japans main conflict was in the Pacific against the US,Mainly focusing on Naval Superiority.The United States's Navy was crippled by Japans attack on Hawaii,The losses are shown below.

2 battleships totally lost
2 battleships sunk and recovered
3 battleships damaged
1 battleship grounded
2 other ships sunk
3 cruisers damaged
3 destroyers damaged
3 other ships damaged
188 aircraft destroyed
159 aircraft damaged
2,403 killed
1,178 wounded4 midget submarines sunk
1 midget submarine grounded
29 aircraft destroyed
64 killed
1 captured

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