Make Every Calorie Count!

Raising Awareness on our healthy lifestyle!

F&B Services In Sembawang

So, In Sembawang , there is not enough food places for us to feed our appetite. Also , there is not much food places that has embark on the healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of fast food restaurants. Therefore , we are here to raise awareness about the Healthy Lifestyle in Sembawang

Insufficient Food Places In Sembawang

We are here to help the residents to have healthier choices of food in Sembawang. Therefore, Sembawang has only two coffee shops near Sembawang Shopping Centre and Woodlands have Al-lazah, Al-ameen, habibie and many more. So, Woodlands have more eating choices.

How do we improve our eating habits?

The residents can improve their eating habits by asking for more vegetables or fruits. And instead of drinking sweet drinkings, we can just drink mineral water as it is healthier. If the food is salty, they can also ask for lesser salt and things like that.
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