Modern era

1750 - 1900

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Opium wars 1839-1842

The first opium wars were fought between china and Britain in the mid 19th century and the second opium war was fought by Britain and France against China it was also known as the Anglo-French war or arrow war. The wars started the era of unequal treaties.

Taiping rebellion Dec.1850

The taiping rebellion was a massive rebellion/ civil war that was the the most effective and important event that happened in the 19th century. It was fought between 1850- 1864 and 20 million lives were lost. The fight was between the Qing dynasty and the Christian millenarian movement it started in the southwestern province of guangxi but over the 14 years of the war they had fought in every regularized province of China.
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Unequal treaties 1854

During the 19th century the Qing dynasty signed treaties with the western powers because the kept suffering from military defense from other forgein powers they were forced to open the treaty ports and the imposition of European extraterritoriality on forgeins. It was related to China's "century of humiliation" .

Self -strengthening movement 1861-1895

During the late Qing dynasty after a series of military defeats and concessions to forgein powers a time of institutional reform were forgein advisers were hired to train Chinese artisans to start wars in china and shipyards were established.
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Boxer rebellion Aug. 1899 - Sept. 1901

The society of the righteous made a uprise in china so the Japanese would have influences there.they believe if they did certain physical exercises it would make them withstand bullets. They wanted to destroy forgein property and kill Chinese Christians.
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Commissioner Lin Aug. 1785 - Nov. 1850

In the Qing dynasty he was a Chinese scholar and official he was very against the opium trade that was going on but was used for a catalyst during the first opium war. He was very respect because he had ver high morals but in the end he was blamed for starting a war.
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Chinese Revolution Oct. 1911

After the Qing dynasty facing many defeat and the two opium wars caused Hong Kong to be lost by Great Britain which forced the Chinese to open treaty ports and it caused international trade . It weakened the Qing dynasty even more nationalism spread in china and it cause ideas for revolutions.
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"Sick man of Europe" 1821- 1909

A time when Europe was having economic problems Nicholas I of Russia was believed the first to use the quote "sick man" to discribe the Ottoman Empire. The siituation of the Ottoman Empire only got worse most parts of Asia weren't even bound to the sultan anymore .

Tanzimat 1839 - 1876

Was the reorganization of the Ottoman Empire it was to reform it they wanted to modernize and to secure territorial integrity against nationalist despite all of there diffrence they want to have something to tie them all together so they made nationalist movement within the Ottoman Empire.
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Young ottomans 1865

A secret society of Ottoman Turkish intellectuals they were not happy with the reforms that happened with the Ottoman Empire they believe that it didn't "modernize" it enough they wanted to adapt a constitutional government . They were many times In disagreement but they all believed that the new government should be rooted in islam.
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Young Turks

a political reform movement they wated to get rid of absolute monarchy with a constitutional government for the Ottoman Empire they rebelled against the leader of the Ottoman Empire in 1908 the helped establish a second constitutional era which led to the country to have the era of multi- democracy which was the first time the Ottoman Empire had done that