All about me!!

Daniel Laij

My Hobbies

-Video Games



My Favorite Movies!

-Finding Nemo


-Genesect and the Ledged Awakened(Pokémon)

My Favorite Vacation Spot

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My Dream Home and Place!

I would hope my dream house is still in Georgia, but not that close to the city!
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My Dream Job(Well...what my parents say..)

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My Favorite College Team

-Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets(Random Team)
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My Favorite Resturant

-Panda Express!! XD
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My Schedule ;-;

1st Period- Math

2nd Period-Science

3rd Period-Homeroom/Lunch

4th Period-Language Arts

5th Period-Chinese

6th Period-Social Studies

7th Period-Buisness & Technology

8th Period-Health

My Dream Superpowers!!





Thanks for reading!!!
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