by . sofia polania torres and isaac montero moreno 8d

why is important to recycle

recycling is important because is the way to take care the life by using correct ways of process our wastes ensuring good health not only for us also for the animals plant and in general all the world

what is recycling greatest economic benefits

the greatest economic benefits by the recycling are : 1. generates employment because the companies need people to work with the maintenance or process of the waste 2.make more efficient the energy because the companies don't need lot of money to make expensive constructions 3.make more efficient energy etc

what are the environmental benefits of recycling

the environmental benefits are that the healthy of the animals ,plant and humans become better.the water,air, food and all resources become more pure o give us a healthy planet

what we learn about the web site

we learn that for have a great coexistence with the people and the environment we have to recycle and reduce our consume because the consume is consuming us and our life