UPS Careers Assignment

P1: Describe the current entry requirements for two public service jobs. P2: Describe the application and selection process for two public service jobs.

The two jobs i will be looking at for the entry requirements are the Army and the Fire Service, I have chosen these two UPS jobs because these are the jobs that i want to be apart of the most.

The Fire Service:

The physical test for the UK Fire and Rescue Service consists of a number of physical tests this includes Ladder Climb, Casualty Evacuation, Ladder Lift/Lower Simulation, Enclosed Spaces, Equipment Assembly, Equipment Carry.

Ladder Climb- The ladder climb tests your confidence whilst working at heights.Candidates must demonstrate the correct 'leg lock' on the ground before continuing the test.

Ladder Lift/Lower Simulation

The Ladder Lift/Lower Simulation is again a test of your upper and lower body strength the candidates in there full PPE gear will be required to lift a bar 75cm off the ground to a height of 182cm and then back down to the 75cm support.

Enclosed Spaces

This test is a test of your confidence, agility and possible Claustrophobia whilst working in small spaces. Candidates in full PPE gear and wearing a breathing Apparatus face mask will have to negotiate a measured crawlway within a time that has been set.

Casualty Evacuation- The casualty Evacuation test is a test of your upper and lower body strength.Candidates in there full PPE will be instructed to pull a 55kg casualty whilst walking backwards (guided by an assessor) around a 30-metre course.

Equipment Assembly

This test is a test of dexterity. Candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble a peace of Equipment and then follow the colour coded diagrams that are provided to them.

Equipment Carry

This test is a test of aerobic fitness, muscle strength and stamina. The candidates will be required to drag a hose reel from a appliance for 25 metres and then jog back 25 metres.

Pick up and carry 2 coiled 70 mm hoses for 100 metres.

Carry 1 coiled 70 mm hose at chest height for 25 metres, and then jog back 75 metres.


The medical examination consists of a number of tests for you to join the UK Fire and Rescue Service the tests that you are required to take is a Hearing Test, Step Test, Lung Function, Physical Stamina, a General Test and a Chest X-Ray

Hearing Test

The hearing test requires you to sit in a sound proof booth wearing headphones then you will be asked to press the button given to you when you hear a range of sounds.

Step Test

For this test you will be asked to step up and down on a box whilst your heart rate is recorded and the rate of the step will be gradually increased.

Lung Function

This test requires you to blow hard and long down a hollow tube until all your lung capacity is fully exhaled.

Physical Stamina

For this test you will be asked to squat on a designed machine to test your thigh and back strength, and the pull a specified measurement.

General Test

You will see a doctor who will then test your reflexes and then discuss your medical questionnaire with you.

Chest X-Ray

Some FRS( Fire and Rescue Services) will send you to your local hospital for a Chest X-Ray.

Although you do not require grades to join the fire service, it is better to have grades because it makes you stand out better than the rest of the candidates.

To join the fireservice you have to be age 18 and over it is better to be older because it means you have more life experiance.

Interview Questions

For your interview you will most likely be assessed on 'working with others.'

'Commitment to diversity and integrity'. 'Commitment to excellence'.

'Commitment to development'. 'Effective communication'.

Some of the interviews may start with a ice-breaker question, which is not marked but it should allow you to relax.

The Army

The physical test for the army is tested during the two-day selection process at an army Assessment Centre. You will be required to go through a range of strength and stamina tests as well as a 1.5 mile run.

Static Lift

For this test you will be required to lift a power bag by its handles, and place it on a surface 1.5 metres tall. The weight changes between 15kg and 40kg. the weight will depend on the job choose you have chossen to go for.

Jerry can Test

you will have to carry two 20kg water containers over a course set for you between 60 and 150 metres, this depends on what job you have applied for and you will have to finish the test in a set time.

1.5mile run

This test requires you to run over a certain distance whilst you are timed, the course is on a level ground and good running serface. You will have to run the course in a set time depending on what your job choice.

If you pass your two day fitness course at the assessment centre you will have to do another physical test. These tests include BEEP test, Sit-ups and Press-ups.


For a male you will have to reach the target of Level 10.2. For a Female you will have to reach the target of Level 8.1.


For a male you will have to do 50 sit-ups in two minetes. For a Female you will have to 50 in two minetes aswell.


For a male you will have to do 44 in two minetes and for a Female you will have to do 21 in two minetes.

Medical Test

The medical test consists of a number of tests Eye Test, Hearing Test, ECG, General Health Check.

Eye Test

For this test you are required to cover one of your eyes and read out the letters that the nurse points at from left to right.

Hearing Test

this test you are told to sit in a sound proof booth with headphones and a button that are given to you and you are told everytime you hear a beep sound to press the button.


This test the nurse or Doctor puts Electrodes on you to monitor your Heart rate.

General Health Check

The General Health Check requires a doctor to take your weight, heaight, and your BMI after the Doctor checks your Groin area for Hernia's he then checks your reflexes takes your blood pressure and checks your heart for any heart murmures.


Requires no formal education.


Application process for the Army

The first thing you will need to do if you want to join the army is go to your local Careers Office, when you get into the careers office go to the person at the desk, and say to them that you are here to sign up for the army, the person behind the desk will give you a application form, and whilst you fill it out they will send someone from the army to come downstairs and talk to you. After thy have spoke to you and you have had advice about the role you want to join you will then be given a date to come in to do a BARB test.

The BARB test consists of four different tests, during the BARB test you will be times you will have 30 minutes to complete the test, after the BARB test you will have to take a numeracy test and a literacy test the higher the level you get the more British Army job roles will be open to you. After you have completed the tests some one from the army will speak to you about your options and give u advice on how to get fit for the role you picked.

You will be given some papers to fill in such as criminal convictions form and you will also be given a form with the roles that you can apply for you will need to pick three of the roles you wish to join after you have filled these forms in you must take them to your careers office and hand them in to the person at the desk.

Selection process for the British Army

After you have handed your forms in the careers office will arrange an interview you must attend this interview, after hour interview someone will ring you telling you how you done on your interview, if you have done well on your interview you will be on your final stage of joining the British Army you will be required to travel to litchfield army camp to spend to days there, on your first day you will be required to take a medical test if you pass your medical test you will then have to do the jerry can lift after your jerry can lift you will then have to lift a power bag, the power bag gets heavier depending on what role choices you have picked, on your second day you will be required to do a 1.5 mile run you will have to run this in under a certain time depending on what your job role is. After your 1.5 mile run you will have to attend a second interview on this interview you will be asked questions about your job roles.

Application process for the Fire Service

'The application form provides the Fire and Rescue Service with your personal details such as work history or qualifications. The application questionnaire asks you questions about your suitability for the role of a firefighter e.g. team working etc.

You will also be asked at the application stage to complete a declaration of any criminal convictions that you have that are unspent (under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).

Any unspent convictions will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the offence. If you have a conviction which is now considered spent, this does not have to be declared. There are, however, certain convictions and jail terms which remain unspent for life.

The Fire and Rescue Service is guided by the Disability and Equality Act 2010, meaning that anyone who considers themselves to have a disability can apply. Part of the application form will ask if you have any disabilities and these will be looked into by the Brigade Doctor on an individual basis. A decision will then be made as to whether you would be able to perform the duties of a firefighter and if any reasonable adjustments are required.

Filling in your application form is probably the most important part of the recruitment process, as this is the first time the Fire and Rescue Service you are applying for receives any information about who or what you are. However up to 90% of applicants fail at the first hurdle by not following simple instructions given in the actual form.

Application forms are designed to screen you out rather than to get you in. Because of this you need to put a lot of thought and effort into answering each question, to be competitive in your application.

Remember this is the only chance you have of getting to the next stage, so take your time and do the best you can.'

The selection process

During your selection process you will have to do a physical test which consists of the ladder climb, casualty evacuation, enclosed space, ladder lift, equipment carry, equipment assembly. After the physical test you will be required to attend a interview which lasts up to a hour, after your interview you will have to do a medical test which consists of hearing test, eyesight test, weight, fitness test, screened for drugs and a medical report from your GP.

P3 skills and quilities

Team work is required in the army because if they did not use teamwork then the army would not be able to complete the objectives that have been set.

Team work is used in the army by helping each other and working together to complete tasks. The british army is a powerful army because they have used teamwork when it is needed.

problem solving skills is used in the army to work around problems that have accured and solve them to achieve an objective. if the army did not use problem solving skills then they would not be able to get rid of I.E.D's build bridges and work around there problems.

communication is used in the army alot, if the army did not use communication skills then alot of civilions and soldiers would get hurt or die. this is because they would not communicate to tell each other there is danger or communicate with each other to complete objectives.

It is good for the army to be freindly this is because it is good for maral if soldiers are freindly to civilions then the civilions will respect them. if soldiers are not freindly they would not be able to trust each other and if the soldiers did not trust each other then alot of people will get hurt or die so it is good to be freindly.

it is good for soldiers in the army to have courage because they need courage to fight and survive. if the army did not use courage then they would not be able to help other countries in need of the british armys assistance.

it is good for the army to have determanation because if the army did not have determanation then they would not be able to complete the objectives and they would not be able to do there jobs. the army needs to be determind to complete objectives because the army have to do jobs right or people could get hurt or may even die.