Barack Obama Takes Over!

By: Sarah Deyo and Lily Snow

Barack Obama's Impact on America

Barack Obama became president when he was 47. He is now 52 years old and was born on August 4, 1961. He has two daughters named Natasha and Malia Obama and

Malia is the oldest of the two daughters. He has a wife named Michelle Obama.

Impacts Barack Obama had on America Today

1. He was the first African American President.

2. Barack Obama ended the war in Iraq.

3. He improved America's image as a while.

4. In 2011 he signed food safety Modernization Act.

5. He improved Americas technology.

6. He made it so the schools provided healthier food choices.

7. Made it so that there were not as many crimes.

8. Declared that carbon dioxide was very bad and unhealthy.

9. Pushed federal agencies to be green leaders.

10. Released new fuel efficiency standards.