Alan Turning

Computers, who made them???


He was born in 1912 and lived through the second world war. Alan was a very good mathematician and was asked by the British to help break codes from the Germans. After a few years bending over a piece of paper, trying to break codes, he thought about making a machine that could do this for you. Firstly people thought this was bad and did not want the machines being clever then them. Alan did not agree, and thought that if a machine could break codes they should. A few years later he (with the help of others) made the first computer. Now he is a pioneer and if very famous.


The computer that he made was very experienced and did not make human error. this made life easier, quicker and after a while made life more enjoyable. The computer used binary to find out what humans wrote. so if you are writing Chinese it will come up with same as if I had put it in English