The Industrial Revolution

Julian Beard


the industrial revolution was the start of inventions that changed the world till this day. the industrial revolution brought many ideas some were good and some were bad. there were things that were faster than human hands and took place of human.

3 inventors

Tomas Edison invented the light bulb. its function is to give out light. it changed the world by having a safe source of light. Dr. Richard Gatling invented the Gatling gun. its function was an automatic gun powered by a person spinning a crank an it shoots bullets. it changed the world by protecting people and started the line automatic guns. George Stephenson

The workhouses

the workhouses were place where poor people go to get off the street to work and get food but don't get treated correctly.

Child labor Laws

The child labor laws were the laws that children had to work instead of getting an education. kids didn't go to school they started work when the were 5 or 6. child labor was bad because kids didn't get the proper treatment they needed.
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