Politics in the 1950s

U.S. Government

The rise of communism

For the second time in the 20th Century, the world had transformed itself beyond recognition. With the fall of Fascism, the rise of Communism and the independence of several major colonies, over half of humanity had made a decisive break with the past. The 1950s were an era in which people tried to assess and react to the changes unleashed by the 1940s. At this time there were two trends that were dominating.
  1. Communism- which had once been confined to only the Soviet Union and Mongolia had now spread to 13 nations and a third of humanity.
  2. (Full) Democracy- which had been reduced to a mere 9 nations in offshore enclaves during the darkest days of the war had now expanded to include almost half the world's population, the highest percentage in history thus far.

The Korean War👊🏼🔫

The Korean War had an impact In the politics in both US and Korea. First the U.S. Wanted to take out the communist or didn't want it to develop in Korea which after that a new strategy called "containment" which halted communist to come in from the Korea and China border, a major impact that it had was that General MacArthur approached the Chinese border when trying to get the North Korean soldiers which cause a dispute between the U.S. And China and cause general MacArthur to get fired and not only that but a change of law. The war for Korea wasn't going anywhere so on 1953 Korea signed the "Armistice agreement" which declares the end of war and because of that Korea was divided In two, South Korea and North Korea.

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