Treasure Map, March 16-20

All Pirates, all tools, all ways!

SAFETY Concern

Door at the end of k-1 is not to be used as an entrance. Brought as a concern by leadership team. SAFETY!

5K Color Run!!!

Teachers, parents and students please mark your calendar for Saturday, May 16th. We need a few volunteers to run our station with the color wands. Hope to see you there! Let's join in the fun to help keep our kids active. All ages are invited to sign up to run!
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Media Center Times

The media center will no longer be available for individual use during 1st grade classes. These classes occur every other week from 1:30 - 2:15 pm. Next week, March 16 - 20, is a first grade library week. Please refrain from sending students to the media center during this time.

Report Card Survey

The survey is open March 3 - March 31. Please complete the survey. Our school code is 4603039

SLO Update

In leadership this week we discussed SLOs for next year. There is a draft that I can share with you, but it is truly a working document. You will have time to gather data before setting these goals after school begins.

If MAP data is used, you will be able to wait until the Fall testing window closes. With where you are and the work we have done with data, please don't stress. It will resemble our current GBE process. More to come. Just remember, this gives us a chance to show growth of student learning, not just absolute performance.

SLO101 (left from last TM for those that did not get to complete)

Please read the article in our Course on SLOs before meeting with your PLC next week. There is a brief quiz I created that can help guide your discussion. Please provide feedback in your PLC canvas discussion area.

21 Century LAST DAY

April 10 will be the last day for the 21st Century program.

Dates to Remember

Monday, March 16
  • Grade 5 Science Benchmark window open
  • Grade 5 meet with Shemia

Tuesday, March 17

  • 3:00 Faculty meeting - book study
  • Grade 5 Science Benchmark window open
  • St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 18

  • Grade 5 Science Benchmark window open
  • K-3 Science Benchmarks Due

Thursday, March 19

  • K-3 Science Benchmarks Due

Friday, March 20

  • K-3 Science Benchmarks Due
  • 1:30 Fun Run Pep Rally
  • Terrific Kid write ups due (remember to contact the parents)

ACT Aspire Dates

April 28 Writing (30 minutes, one prompt)
April 28 English (30 minutes, 32 items)
April 29 Reading (60 minutes, 31 items)
April 30 Math (55 minutes, 31 items)

May 1 Science (3rd grade only)

March Birthdays!

Lonzette Gunter Mar. 3

Christina Selle Mar. 5

Catherine Williams Mar. 30

21st Century Pirate Updates

An audit of the program will take place on March 18, beginning right after school.

The regular school year program will conclude on April 10.

The summer program will run from June 15-July 9, Monday- Thursday, 9-1 here at India Hook. We will be using the k-1 wing for access to back parking lot and visibility for parent pickup from Heather King's room.

Interviews for teachers to work in the program will be conducted in mid-April.


The goals that I have set for myself regarding RTI involve learning more about how to serve tier 2 and 3 students in a non-Title I school. I have visited one district as a part of a fact finding team. I will be visiting another on March 18. I will also be attending a conference about RTI in April with a district team.

As I find resources, I will share with you. One of the best I have found so far is below from a book being considered for study next year. Please take a look at the tools from Simplifying Response to Intervention and the tools it offers. This may be our book study for next year, but I would like feedback from as many teachers as possible. Leadership team will decide in May, so feedback can be given during your grade level meetings in March and April.

Our leadership team will be completing an assessment of where we are currently with interventions at our next meeting.

Recognition Day at the Citadel, April 11

In Photos - Recognition Day - The Citadel Class of 2015

My son finally gets his name back on April 11, and I must be there to see and hear it.

Please share with parents. We easily could have a walking school bus in the neighborhood surrounding us.