Walt Disney

By: Lexy White and Elyssa Jordan

Disney's childhood

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 and died on December 15, 1966. He had two children. He had 4 other bothers and sister.His father was named Elias Disney and his mother was named Flora Call Disney.He spent 4 years on a farm, imagining it was one big playground.
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Walt's Main Struggles

One of the struggles of Walt's life is all of his brothers ran away from home early due to frustration with the relationship with their father. Eager to move on himself, Walt faked his age so he could drive an ambulance during World War 1. Another struggle is when Walt was 22, he hit bankruptcy because of a fail at a cartoon series in Kansas. He then headed to Los Angeles with only forty dollars to become an actor in Hollywood, which also never happened. He and his brother ended up being the most successful team of brothers in Hollywood. The last main struggle was in the early 1930's, Walt suffered ''a heck of a breakdown'' due to being anxious about ability for cartoon shoots to really deliver serious profit. This breakdown included repeated nights with sleepless hours and busting into tears at any moment.

Walts accomplishments

His first Mickey Mouse movie was called Plane Crazy. Walt won an Academy Award for Flower and Trees because it was the first film to be shot in Technicolor. During the Great Depression Walt made a movie called Silly Symphonies. Walt made a thing were the pledge for the "Mickey Mouse club" is that he does not swear,smoke,cheat,or lie. Soon there was comic strips of cartoons in 40 newspapers.

His legacy

Walts legacys are all in his movies and his theme park. Television had no kind of color to it or sound and Walt takes cartoons and adds color and sound to his work. There was never a full length animated film until Snow White came along. Walt Disneys animation and motion picture studios and theme parks have developed into a multi-billion dollar television,motion picture,vacation destination, and media corporation that carry his name.


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