Crossroads of the Americas

Quick facts

Panama is the southernmost country in Central America in

between Costa Rica and Colombia.

The population of Panama is 3,510,045

The country's official language is Spanish.


Some attractions that many people visit are the

  • Panama Canal
  • Metropolitan Natural Park
  • Biomuseo or the Biodiversity Museum
  • And the Bridge of the Americas

Tours in Panama

There are tours like the

  • Carribean Adventure,
  • Train, Fort and Canal Tour,
  • Lake Bayano Boat andCave Tour

and more...

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Top Restaurants in Panama

Some restaurants with 4 stars and up are

  • Captains Table - 4.1
  • Outlaw's Bar-B-Q - 4.4
  • Ferucci Ristorante - 4.0
  • Blue Fig Mediterranean Cafe and Grill - 4.5