News from the Middle (School)

Miss Foyle - April 24, 2015


*Red folders are sent home every Friday. Please review the respective assessments, sign the paper, and return the folder with your child on Monday. Thank you!

*We are currently in the liturgical season of Easter, and we get to celebrate for 50 days! Consider spending time with your child discussing how you have all experienced a change due to your Lenten promises, and remember to attend weekend Mass as a family.

*We continue to pray for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Francis George. Here is a touching article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune about a young boy's encounter with him:

*Check out the "Virtual Pilgrimage with Fr. James Martin, SJ, to the Holy Land" video below. Each day's segment is about 3 minutes in length. You can see them all here:

America Media's Virtual Pilgrimage -- DAY 1: Capernaum & Sea of Galilee

Classroom Updates

Grade 6 Reading & LA

Book Club: Students moved past the halfway point in their nonfiction texts. From World War I to elephant handshakes to leading a trip to the North Pole, these texts are keeping us hooked! (Plus, we're learning a lot of neat stuff.) Students continue to focus on using nonfiction text features to aid their comprehension.

Writing Workshop: Students have continued to review the components of an argumentative essay, while, at the same time, they have narrowed down a topic/thesis for their respective book club argumentative writing pieces. Students will spend next week gathering supporting evidence and quotations from their texts as they continue to shape their arguments.

Grammar: Students finished up Unit 5 in their GUM books this week, thus completing all of the grammar units for the year - woo hoo! We will spend the remainder of the year reviewing and brushing up on some of the main concepts that will help the students be ready for 7th grade. On Friday, students "celebrated" their hard work in grammar with fun grammar station activities!

Word Study: As mentioned last week, students went back to the beginning by taking a look at four common sets of prefixes. To help remember what each set means, they completed a packet of graphic organizers, which encouraged them to come up with examples of words using each prefix, draw pictures/representations, and create original sentences using words with the prefixes. Students shared their sentences on Thursday.

Genius Hour: The poise and effort put into each student's GH presentation has been astounding. Topics ranged this week from student school concerns/questions to sports stars!

Grade 7 Religion

For most of this week, the seventh graders entered into a unit centered on vocations. They reflected on various models of our faith who lived out each of the main vocations, and they also spent time with Bible passages and with their own examples for each vocation.

On Tuesday, Fr. Larry graced both classes with his presence, and he explained to the students a little bit about his own vocational calling to priesthood. He answered a few of the students' questions, but he wasn't nearly close to answering all of them, so he promised a "round 2" visit in a couple of weeks. We're looking forward to it!

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Grade 8 Religion

The 8th graders are also in the midst of a unit on vocations, but they focused more on their own individual gifts and talents as well as how these help lead them to their own vocations in life. They shared in and reflected on a peer affirmation bead activity, and they identified the "fears" that correspond with following each of the four vocations. On Thursday, students explored the Sacrament of Holy Orders through note-taking and discussion. Next week they will start with the vocation of priesthood.

On Friday, students went to support the 6th graders at the Music/Spanish cultural fair.