Tips To Help Stop Cyberbullying

By: Danielle K.

Don't Respond

Don't let the bully empower you.

Don't Retaliate

Don't get back at the bully. It will only reinforce their behavior.

Save the Evidence

Always save any signs of harassment, in case things get worse.

Block the Bully

If the harassment is coming from texts, instant messaging, or profile comments, do your best to block the bully.

Reach Out For Help

Find a trusted adult to help out with your situation.

Use Reporting Tools

If the bullying takes place on a social network, use the network's reporting "abuse" tools or "social abuse-reporting" tools.

Be Civil

Don't sink to the bully's level, even if you don't like them. Gossiping might increase your chance of being bullied.

Don't Be A Bully

Think about how other people would feel if you treated them badly, walk a mile in their shoes.

Be A Friend, Not A Bystander

Don't stand by and watch bullying happen, that only gives the bully more power. Stop the bully right away, but if you can't do that, try to help the victim.