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Egyptian Products

Egyptian people prefer to grow food that is grown underneath the soil. However, they do grow fodder, corn, sugarcane, and even wheat. The main fruits they harvest are grapes, citrus, and dates, and Egyptian strawberries. The Egyptian people rely on the Nile River to produce healthy and sustainable crops. The Nile provides a delta that is fertile for the preparations of farming and growing food that they eat or use.


Getting an expensive bill is a honorary custom in Egypt. Having a large, costly meal is considered a tradition because it symbolizes wealth. People will leave some food behind to show respect and abundance of food that the host prepared. In restaurants they leave food behind to show wealth as well. Egyptians will eat finger food with their right hand. They use forks with their left hand and knives with their right.

Holiday Celebrations

The different religions in Egypt have different meals on the holidays. Muslims, during Ramadan, will eat nothing from sunrise to sundown. Wealthy Muslims will give out bags of free food during Ramadan, usually containing bread or things like eggs. There is a three-day feast held at the end of Ramadan, it is traditional to eat and exchange sweet nuts to eat.