Peek at the Week


And We are Off!

Things felt very smooth and calm this last week! Thank you for all your hard work to get us off on the right foot!


Weds. 9-2

8am to 12pm

Chelsea Offsite for Principal Professional Development (Ms. Morgan in charge)

Weds, September 2,

Interim Housing Meeting- Miller, Toller, Morgan, Ratto, Wong

4:30-6pm Library

Weds. September 2, 6-7:30 pm

K- 3 Back to School Night

Thursday, September 5 8am-4pm

Chelsea at Principal PD Offsite (Ms. Morgan in charge)

Fri. September 4, 9am

Wellness Team Meeting- Cuny, Sanchez, Scheneker, Toller

Wellness Focus this Year; Bike to School Days, School Garden, Staff Wellness

Tuesday, September 8, 3pm , P-7

ILT - Plambeck, Toller, Morgan, Wong, Brouhard, Alexander, Collins, Miller,

Weds. September 9, 6-7:30pm

4/5 Back to School (Tentative date)

Friday, September 11

F & P Reading Record Completed Gr. 1-5

F & P Foundations Assessment (Kindergarten)

Friday, September 18

SRI Assessment Done (grades 2-5 only)

SMI Assessment Done (grades 2-5 only)

Weds. September 30, 6-7:30pm

SSC (Toller, Ghazizadeh, Witte, Anderson)

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

Back to School Night Expectations for Weds. 9/2

6-6:30- We will meet in the Auditorium and I will welcome parents and introduce teachers. Please plan to come up to the stage and join me at 6pm.

After we leave the auditorium, report to you classrooms to welcome families.

All teachers should review:

1) The OUSD Instructional Blueprint (copies will be put in your box this week)

2) The Toolbox Overview (copies in your box this week)

3) Grade Level Homework policy

4) Feel free to look in the Teacher Handbook to see if there are more thing

5) Additional topics to consider:

How will you be incorporating technology this year?

Discuss Balanced Literacy and Reader's Workshop

Common Core Math and Math Expressions

6) Integration of Music, Art, Tech, Dance and Movement through our Specials

7) Any other unique components of your program

7:30- I will come on the loudspeaker and ask parents to leave so you can head out!

First 30 Days of Balanced Literacy

Remember the First 30 Days?

The teaching points?

The Leveled Library?

The Reading Logs?

Just Right Books?

Several of you are had teaching points up and mini-lessons going last week while you pulled students to confer/assess.

Many of our students DO remember this from last year, you will just need to remind them of your procedures and expectations. At right, Mr. Witte's second graders were busy reading their just right books and had their logs going on Day #3. Let Linda know if you'd like another copy of the First 30 days

Music Updates for Lower Grades

Mr. Schraft will come by on Monday to introduce himself to the lower grades. He will start the week after Labor Day as he is only here on Mondays.

OCCC will be serving ONLY 2nd and 3rd graders this year. They will be here on Tuesdays (times TBD) in the Auditorium. Ms. Melanie is on sabbatical, but Ms. Ami will be here with us for choir from October through January's show. Then Mr. Javier will be here doing percussion with 2-3 rd graders from January through the end of the year.

Latino Literacy Week 10/5-10/9

Along with OUSD and several community partners, the Ed Fund is launching a citywide appreciation of Latino writers and illustrators! During the week of October 5 - 9, schools across Oakland will host read-alouds and other activities centered on Latino literature, such as:

Let me know if you'd like to help me plan and lead this at Glenview or if you have any leads or contacts with Latino Writers and Illustrators who could visit us!

2015 Teacher Evaluation Process- Alternate Observers

We will be learning more about the new teacher evaluation system for OUSD teachers. One component is that in addition to an administrative observation, teachers will have an alternate observer who will be a teacher colleague in the school. Below is a job description for this role. Please let Chelsea know by 9/7 if you are interested in this role, ILT will be meeting on 9/8 to make a recommendation to me.

TGDS Alternate Observer Guidance & Selection

Alternate observers will conduct observations in the short cycle. These individuals should have strong relational skills: building trust with colleagues at their sites; comfort with coaching and leading adults; and giving honest feedback to peers that support growth and development. Typical duties include:


  • Conduct a minimum of 2 short observations per observers teachers (a case load would not exceed 10 teachers)

  • Script short observations and rate evidence from each observation

  • Conduct post-observation conferences with observed teachers to support teacher growth and development in their professional goal

Instructional Capacity

  • Collaborate with school-based staff to connect teachers with professional development resources.

  • Attend monthly Alternate Observer trainings (required).

  • Attain certification as an observer using the Oakland Effective Teaching Framework

Selection process: Interested teachers should have a track record of effective teaching experience. To apply a teacher should submit a letter of intent to their ILT/FC. After reviewing the applications the ILT/FC will make a recommendation to the principal. The principal will confirm the the recommendation or ask for an alternative candidate. We strongly encourage the principal to accept the recommendation of the ILT/FC.

Daily Schedule- Is yours "real"?

The purpose of the daily schedule is not to just make me happy when I walk through your room, it is to help your students know what to expect each day and to help you make sure you hit all your planned content. A plan lowers your students anxiety about what is happening next each day and will help you use your limited instructional time efficiently.



So many beautiful examples of toolbox implementation throughout the school....

Check out Ms. Anderson's bulletin board outside her room!

Check out the Toolbox area in each third grade room including the Caring Circle

Ask Mr. Alexander how he takes off a tool from his lanyard and lets a student hold it if they need extra support

Ask Mr. Ross how he used technology when having his students do the Rights and Responsibilities Lesson

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Prep Schedules

Linda will share a draft prep. schedule with us this week. She will give teachers time to weigh in and then the schedule will go "live".

Please note that this schedule is an absolute bear to create so even though you might not get the perfect time slot you wanted, remember that trying to get everyone two preps. and a PLC time while ensuring that students have access to different preps. and planning around OCCC music classes, orchestra, shortened days, and lunch schedules is crazy.

Library Schedule

The library volunteers will be working to set up the library in the next few weeks and then will put a schedule on the counter in the office for you to sign up. If you find library books in your classroom, please return to library!


If you are struggling with using your technology as a tool to support instruction, let me know. We have several teachers who are using their tech. tools all day. Here Mr. Ross is using his overhead projector and doc. camera to chart what students are saying. Increases engagement, saves paper, easy for all to see, and models writing all in one!

Room Parents

PTA Volunteer Jennifer Linderman helps to ensure that all classrooms have room parents. At this point, she does not know of anyone assigned to the rooms below. Please put in your newsletter and solicit a Room parent at Back to School Night. If you already have one please email Jennifer Linderman at <> so she can make sure she has their contact info.

Shreve Litt Wolfe

Havenar Miller Plambeck Brohard

Alexander Takimoto Granda

School Photos Coming

9/14-18 School Photos

Mr. Londgren will put schedules in your box. Photos are taken in the school garden. Please report to the garden with your class at your assigned time.

Students do not need to wear their uniforms on the day of their school photo shoot.

Need a Glenview T-Shirt?

If you did not claim a t-shirt from Ms. Jackie during the am pop-up store, she will be open again during Back to School Night.

Emergency Procedures

Thanks for handling our unexpected fire drill with focus and grace. Remember to make sure you have your class roster and emergency binder ready to go in case of an emergency. We will be conducting monthly drills- some announced and some unannounced, so please be prepared for emergencies at all times.

Also, if you are ever in the stairway that comes down from room 10 during an emergency. there are automatic fire doors that close. Simply push hard on the round plate that says "Push" and this will open the fire door and allow you to exit.

Wooden Slide Closed

The slide in front of the school needs more wood chips in order to be considered safe. The district is working on this, but we are keeping students off of this structure until it is fixed.