To Check-Out

the iPod Nanos:

Why Use the Nanos:

  • Book Club - give equal access to the same book to a heterogeneous group of students
  • Individual Students - students who are very motivated by a book that is a little too difficult for them right now
  • IRA - If a student is missing your Interactive Read Aloud, he/she could listen to the missed chapter

*Something to think about- the Nanos are meant to be an occasional support for the reasons listed above. The majority of a student's reading should be done independently at his/her "Just Right" level.

How to Check-Out:

Step 1: Take the Nano card (from the orange chart) and put in your pocket of the black holder. LEAVE the Nano plugged in.

Step 2: Send an email to Christy and/or Heather. They will need to know the number of the Nano and the book to sync onto that device.

Step 3: After receiving an email that your title is now synced, return to the Book Room to pick up the Nano from the charging station.

How to Return:

Step 1: Return the Nano to the charging station. Be sure to plug it in.

Step 2: Return the Nano card from the black holder to the orange chart.