Ben Franklin

The bravest one of alll

Children Hood and Early Life

Ben Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Ben Franklin got marry to a women name Deborah. He a son name William, another son name Francisco, and daughter name Sarah.


Ben Franklin was know for discovery Electricity, made Bifocals, Franklin Stove, Lighting/ Rod, and the Glass Harmonica.In London while Ben Franklin was visiting in the 1706s or the early 1770s. This is how Ben Franklin discovery Electricity one day when it was thunderstorm Franklin was holing a kite when he received an electric shock. What will we do without light. Well our world would be dark and would still be using candles thank goodness we have Ben Franklin.

Important Events

  • In 17, 1706 Ben Franklin was born in Boston
  • In 1730 Ben Franklin got marry to a women name Deborah
  • In 1776 Ben help write the Declaration of Independence

Fun Facts

Did you know that Ben Franklin could speak five languages they were French, Spanish, Italian, and English. Ben Franklin came form a large family his dad, Josiah Franklin, had 17 children with two wife. Ben Franklin invented the rocking chair so the next you sit in a rocking chair and thinking '' This is the life!'' remember our good pal Ben Franklin. Ben had 10 jobs held by him like a printer, writer, Intvertor, and etc.


Ben Franklin passed away in 1776 in April at the age of 84. He was a smart and brave man with all he did. I learn that he discover electricity and learn all he made and how he made them also how important he is.