Vocabulary Presentation Lesson 8

Natalie Schlesinger

Guess the Word:

Unfortunately, the intense drought ___________ the country's food storage.
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verb, to increase the severity of something; to intensify irritation or violence


Acerbus- bitter, sour, harsh

Ex- from, out of


  • aggravate
  • exasperate
  • worsen
  • irritate


  • ameliorate
  • improve
  • amend


exacerbation (noun)- action that makes a problem worse

Exacerbate Vs. Exasperate

  • Exacerbate means to take an already bad situation and make it worse
  • Exasperate means to irritate
  • Situations get exacerbated (worsened)/People get exasperated (irritated)
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Book exercises:

8A-#11. a


Practice! Choose the incorrect usage(s) of the word

1. The bitter winds exacerbated the already 20 degree weather, so it felt like less than 10 degrees.

2. The soldiers tried to pacify the citizens with the threat of their weapons, but this only exacerbated the situation.

The obnoxious screams from the children finally exacerbated their mother.

3. His insulting comments only succeeded in exacerbating the quarrel with his girlfriend.

4. Many parents were exacerbated by the senseless school delays.