Elementary STEM News

December 2016

Hour of Code : December 5th - December 11th

In the interest of documenting some of the wonderful activities that sites participate in during Hour of Code, our district videographers may be contacting you to film and take photos of the activities going on in your classroom. Please fill out this form if you would like to showcase your class for the Hour of Code!
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Upcoming Irvine Math Project Trainings

4th: 1/26, 2/2

5th: 3/6, 3/7

Please register with Schoolnet . You can find the training by clicking on “Educator Development” on the navigation bar at the top of the page, then using the “PD Calendar” or searching by activity in the PD Search.

When You Are a Scientist

When you are a scientist,

ask what

and when

and how and where

and why, why, why

When you are a scientist,


and watch,

and think,

and write,

and try, try, try.

-Eric Ode

Education Update : Minds for Math

Chasing Happiness in the Classroom

Tired of hearing "But, I'm not a math person"? Help your students find meaning and motivation in numbers. Read the entire article here.

IUSD's 36th Annual District Science Fair will be held on February 28, 2017

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Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts by Jo Boaler, co-founder youcubed

Activities to Develop Number Facts and Number Sense

"Teachers should help students develop math facts, not by emphasizing facts for the sake of facts or using ‘timed tests’ but by encouraging students to use, work with and explore numbers. As students work on meaningful number activities they will commit math facts to heart at the same time as understanding numbers and math. They will enjoy and learn important mathematics rather than memorize, dread and fear mathematics."

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Get Girls Interested in STEM!

Project Scientist was created based on research that shows girls with a high skill, aptitude, and talent for STEM subjects are not currently served or identified at a young age in an effort to change society's perception of girl's interest and aptitude in STEM.

Find more information about the local programs here:


IVC Course Offering for Elementary Teachers

Math 20 Catalog Description:
This course is designed for current and prospective teachers who seek to improve their knowledge of elementary mathematics. Topics covered include: problem-solving techniques; numeration and whole numbers; integers, rational numbers and real numbers; ratios, proportions, decimals and percents; set theory; elementary number theory.

Your Elementary STEM TOSAs

Kimberly Armstrong & Meg Vanek