Food Blog

By Leena Watakul

Recipe 1: Fruit Jelly

I personally like having deserts such as ice-cream or cold jelly after having a meal. When I was very young I used to help my grandma cook deserts and sell them and I like to taste it every time. I used to only make jellies with chocolate, pineapple and kiwi. In my recipe below I have tried making the same jelly but with a lot of fruits including strawberries, oranges and apples.
Big image
This is the finished product of my food, I very liked the taste of it, it was soft and since strawberry and oranges are my favourite fruit, I like the taste of the fruit and I think it mixed together very well. It looked appealing to me because I like plating food up so much, I used the outside of the oranges to plate up and took all the inside out and I also used the outside of the apple to plate up and took all the inside out to use in the food. I spent time creating 3 different plate up for this dish, one is in the apple (with the top made like flower), one is int the orange (made basket shape), and the other one is in its normal plate. I turned out to like the orange and apple plate up the most. You can smell the fruit inside it. The mouthfeel was soft and it melted in my mouth.

I got my ideas in plating up from a thai cook book 'ดอกไม้แต่งจาน' and I suggest next time I can try using different fruit, change the colour of food colouring and try different plate ups but overall I very liked the taste and the look of the food I made.

My friend said it tasted soft and sweet, she said it looked fresh and colourful and smelled inviting.

Recipe 2: Grilled Salmon and Rice

My favourite food is grilled salmon on rice, I ate it since I was only 3 years old and I liked it so much. Because of this, I designed a grilled salmon with rice plated up using cartoons. I believe this will make it more appealing and I made it healthier by adding a small salad to it. Below I tried designing the food using cartoons to plate up.
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This is the finished product, it worked out better than what I thought. It tasted nice and saucy and the salad mixed in well with the fish and rice. I thought the rice was quite sticky but the fish was very soft, I felt the fish was fresh when I ate it. I think it look attractive toward kids including me. I used cucumber, tomato, carrot, mix salad and cabbage to make the salad look like a garden, I used rice, wrap it and made it into shapes, put in a drop of food colouring and put it together to make hello kitty and I used cucumber and tomato to decorate the fish. Overall, I liked the appearance and taste of it so much.

I got my plating up ideas from youtube searching 'plate up techniques'. Bedtime I think I can put other sauces into the salad other than mayonnaise and add other sauces into the salmon other than teriyaki sauce.

My cousin said the fish as soft and the rice was quite sticky, she very liked the look of it because she thought it had a good attraction to kids. She said the smell of the sauce I put in when grilling the fish was quite strong and it mixed together well.

Recipe 3: Prawns Salad

I like prawns and I don't usually like to have salads but this was the first salad I can eat in my life and I quite liked the creamy taste of it. I designed the prawns making it look like birds and I put the salad on a love heart shaped cucumber using carrots to make it colourful.
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This is the finished product of my third recipe, I liked the taste of it through I thought it was creamy. Since this salad has many fruits in it aswell, I liked the different taste between the fruits and vegetables. It made the taste stand out. The prawns were awesome and it was the best part since it is deep fried prawns with mash potatoes. I thought it looked very natural and plain only the birds and the carrot that stands out because of the bright colour. I cut the prawns in the middle and poked the tail through to make it look like a bird and top it with mashed potatoes, I chopped the cucumber thin and small to create the outer part, and I made the fruit and veg in the salad quite small either. It smelled so fresh when it just finish because the prawns were hot out of the deep fryer, though the salad was quite cold because of the mayonnaise.

I got my plate up ideas from when I ate at a restaurant in Sydney, they made the prawns look like birds and I designed the salad myself. I suggest next time I can make the salad less creamy and try putting more of my favourite fruit rather than just putting vegetables that goes well with each other.

My mom said the bird was just perfect and very soft but the salad was a bit saucy. She liked the look of it because it looked different and not many people plate up in this technique. She also liked how I tried choosing veggies that goes with each other rather than just my favourite.

Recipe 4: Garlic Prawns Pasta (Made at school)

I choose this recipe out of the food we cooked at school because I liked the taste and look of it. I like to have pasta in this sort of sauce so much since they aren't so creamy and it tastes abit Asian.
Big image

The appearance was colourful since the plate, parsley and the chilli was complementary. I plated this in a small bunch. It smelled like the fragrance of the parsley. It was soft and perfect. And it tasted a bit spicy but it mixed together well and you can feel the lemon, and the butter. It also was not too dry because of the oil.

I got my plate up idea from when we learned how to plate up pasta at school last year. Next time I would try adding other veggies to it and maybe cook it with another meat. Since I like Asian food, I might try to put other sauces in there to change the taste. I think I could manage my time better when I cooked it because it took quite long and I had to rush packing up at school.

When my aunt tasted it at home it was already quite cold but she still liked the sauce in the pasta and the small bit of spice that was in there. She enjoyed the prawns and finished eating it off.