Solar Storms

By Matthew Gay


We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship going to the sun to find out more about solar Storms and Solar flares.

“Hi there we're in the middle of space we are discovering more about Solar Storms. Today we will travel to the sun and look for solar energy………….Read to find out more about science and space.”

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what's a solar flare

A Solar Flare is a ray of sun or superheated sun bits of magnetic fields. Our magnetic fields are strong enough to block out most sunlight but some times on the hottest day of the year there is a big flash of light that everyone likes to see if not then go to see it.

How will Solar Storm affect us

If you're scared of blasts or gas and helium then you should never go to space.Solar Flares are really cool but they can turn off the power of anything and can be dangerous but everything else is okay. A solar flare is a energy wave of lots of helium and gas. Gas can be dangerous sometimes depending on the type of gas.

are Solar Storms dangerous? yes or no or sometimes estimate from knowlege from the news report

Solar Storms are not dangerous to us unless a cable wire sparks from the energy wave. To an unshielded astronaut it is very dangerous due to heat,gas and helium. If an astronaut is in a space shuttle or spaceship, astronauts will be fine for all we know.If an astronaut gets hurt or dies. Well I don't know, so maybe you should check with Bill Nye The Science Guy.

when you find a solar storm if you ever do remember these things

  • 1 Get to low grounds like in a basement of 1st floor
  • 2 Don't be in a plane or in the air
  • 3 Try not to freak out or get sick
  • 4 They are rely cool so just keep a open mind when you see one


  • magnetic fields= it’s our gravitational pull of shield from too much sun and keeps earth in one pice