The Elite

IR Project

Important Events- Summary

The Elite is by Kiera Cass, and is the second book in The Selection series. Many important events happen in this book. The competition was narrowed down to six girls. America, the main character in the story finds out Marlee, her best friend was caught kissing a guard, and had to be whipped for her punishment. America tries to stop it, but can't. Later on, she finds out that Marlee was staying at the palace, working as a maid because Maxon felt bad. The rebels come and go throughout the story, too. The Elites and there families were once outside when the rebels came. Instead of running into the palace, America ran into the woods and ended up getting lost. A few hours later, America is found and taken back to the palace. Near the end of the story, Maxon was going to eliminate her. Just as America was leaving the palace, Maxon stops her by telling her she is allowed to stay in the Selection, and warns her about his father, King Clarkson. There are a lot of interesting events in this story, and is a great book.
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