Drug Traffickers Taking Over

By Sandra Osorio

Government VS Drug Cartels

Over the years drug cartels have become more and more powerful. They keep growing, more people join this makes it harder for the Mexican and the United States government to keep safety under control. This war is not only the government VS drug cartels but also drug cartels VS drug cartels. There's many cartels, they all want more power which no one wants to share. All these cartels deliver drugs all around including the United States. People in the U.S have sent weapons to Mexico and other South American countries for the cartels. These weapons don't help the situation they bring more violence, it makes it easier to kill people. This is not a positive thing.

Why Stop Drug Trafficking?

Trafficking drugs is a problem that needs to end. Now a days many people get effected by this, not only the people that consume the drugs but innocent people that have nothing to do with drugs. Drug traffickers have killed millions of people over the years. This problem is also effecting the economy. The government has put in a large amount of money to fight against these traffickers.


  • Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 to $29 billion annually from U.S drug sales
  • 90% of the cocaine that enters the U.S transits through Mexico
  • Mexico is the main supplier of marijuana in the U.S

Come Support End This War

January 23, 2015 starting at noon anyone that feels that this drug war needs to end can come protest at Downtown New Haven.

For more information follow us on Twitter @StopThisWar #WeAreTired