AM National Newsletter

#12 | Week 2 | October 2015

The Road to AMAN 2016 Updates

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The Race continues with the newly revealed Inspire Award!

Unlock the leadership potential of your LC by fulfilling all the experience standards set by our Team Minimums and claiming the one and only Inspire Award!
As AMAN 2016 draws closer and closer, it’s time for us to focus on the essentials, which is the kind of value delivery that we want to see in our experiences!

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Can you believe that we are in the last leg of the run to find out what are going to be the awards handed out at the AIESEC in Malaysia Awards Night at NPM in April 2016?
We dare you to try to guess the last 3 awards that will be revealed during the upcoming weeks!
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SONA Q3 Report now available!

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The opportunity for you to review the performance and health of AIESEC in Malaysia after all of the action in Quarter 3 is here! Everyone, from new member to MCP should review this compilation of data to get a big picture overview of how we are doing in getting one step closer to the fulfillment of our AM 2017 vision!

YouthSpeak is here!

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We have reached the era where technology is integrated with daily life and where people can anything they want just by a touch of finger. However, there are 781 million adults still could not read or write. Women are still being treated unfairly in the workplace and the temperature increases, which affects all the nature globally. How are you, as youth in Malaysia that is actively involved in creating a positive impact, letting your voice be heard? Use YouthSpeak as a platform to voice out these issues by visiting or website here or by liking the YouthSpeak Malaysia page by clicking the button below!

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Q3 Performance Review and Public Sector Leads

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> GST and Q3 Financial Review

John (Ops)

-> Finalise Malaysia Ambassador in AP and MBCS National NGO Follow Up

Peter (iGTP)

-> LC Visit to USM and GE Guidelines

Edward (iGCP)

-> National IR Launch and Functional Summit Delivery

Erik (S&S)

-> EP Buddy Education and S&S Implementation Tracking

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> New market penetration and Co-delivery of EYP Goal

Manu (OD)

-> Taiwan Conference Chairing and SONA Report publishing

JT (Expansion)

-> SUVP & LCVP Exp Winter peak support & tracking

Paul (Marketing)

-> Member on Exchange Project and IR Country Marketing material

Kenny (BD)

-> Generating AI Leads and Marketing Content for Website

Sarah (YouthSpeak)

-> YS Launch and Newsletter