CN Jr/Sr High School WeAreOne

August 11, 2017

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

The first day of school at CN Jr/Sr HS was a speeding blur! It's amazing how much information there is to share, how many names and personalities there are to learn and and how exhausted everyone is at the end of those first few days.

We will cap off each week with a newsletter to keep the lines of communication open and share the great things going on in our school. We will include pictures of things that are happening in the building and information that any of you would like share. If you have information to share with our staff please send it to me any time during the week to be included.

In addition to school happenings, we will include a calendar of meetings and other important dates. We are depending on you to check the calendar dates and to send me important dates as you have them to report.

We will also highlight staff members throughout the year and share the positive ways they are impacting CN Jr/Sr HS.

Finally each week we will issue a Grateful Friday Challenge. The goal of these challenges is to show us that we don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find joy and happiness; it is the little things that happen everyday, right in front of us, that can make the biggest impact.



feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful

"I'm very grateful to you for all your help"

Shawn Hoover, Principal of Student Support Services

I have been a CN Cougar since 1977! Omg, that is a long time and I could not be happier! While at CN I have been a CN student and graduate, served in an At-Risk program, interned in guidance, served as the HS Guidance Counselor, an Assistant Principal, and now I get to serve as the Principal of Student Support Services. I have loved every one of those roles, and I am looking forward to all of the challenges and opportunities that this new position will bring. I won't always get everything right or be able to make everyone happy, but I am committed to working together to make CN the very best it can be for our students, our staff, and our community!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 1: Even though the Day 1 schedule is hectic, it was a great start to the school year! Your challenge for today is to tell at least three different colleagues something they did for you that helped you prepare for a successful school year. It could be a great idea they shared, a risk they helped you take, or just something they did to show you kindness. A simple thank you and a sincere expression of gratitude can change someone's day.

Welcome to a New School Year