Vanshika Tallamraju's Science page

This is a reflection and sharing of my learning

An introduction about me

Hi, I am Vanshika Tallamraju and I am 11yrs old. I love drawing and I did not learn drawing from any teacher, I just started pencil shading on my own. Second is dancing. I have been learning Indian classical dance for more than four years, and the best of all, i love SCIENCE! I have a brother who is five years old. I study in pioneer middle school and I am going to tell you what I learnt in science this month. Hope you like the flyer.

Introduction to science

As I told you that I am going to tell you what I learned this month. This month has been amazing! We learned so many things. It was fun. So, first we started to measure different objects with a metric ruler and we made the metric rulers on our own. We learnt how to measure things on a triple beam balance. We learnt how to compare and contrast. To compare means to find the similarities between objects. To contrast means to find the differences between objects. We learnt about qualitative and quantitative objects. Quantitave observations are observations that involve numbers and qualitative observations are observations that do not have numbers included. We learnt about microscopes and saw different objects at different magnifications. We also learnt about longitudes and latitudes. Our activities were that we were given a key on the map, and you had to measure the distance between two places. Our other activities were about finding places on different latitudes and longitudes. See, I told you. We had a lot of fun learning about all the things. Everyday, I used to wait for science period to learn all these interesting things. I love science!

Our fun assignments

The very first assignment we did was the "puffer fish article". It was about a fish in a aquarium who squirted water on his trainers to get his food and did not let his tank mates get the food. He wanted to get served first. Just imagine, how smart that fish is! This was one of my favorite assignments. We had many other assignments about compare and contrast, qualitative and quantitave, latitude and longitude,microscopes, triple beam balance, and many other exciting assignments. We got to colour the pictures on our assignments. Oh! I love colouring.

My favorite assignment

My favorite assignment was the microscope assignment! I love microscopes and I was waiting to learn about them and I want to be a scientist. I love microscopes because the different magnifications and objects being seen through the microscope was something I saw for the very first time. I was fascinated and loved to look at objects at different magnifications. In science class, our teacher gave us different objects and we were told to look at them at each and every magnification and write a description on it. We also drew pictures on what we see. We were also given slides. They had something small in it like some text, small leaf or something else. In one of our assignments we were given slides and we had to write a draw what we see. The best part was, we could see it on any magnification! That is why I love microscope. It was because of all the assignments we did.

Thank you

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