How To Ask For A Raise

By: Amber Martinez

Be Polite

Even if the answer is no, don't be disappointed or upset, but do ask for suggestions on how you can get the raise you want at your next raise meeting.

Choose A Time To Ask

On the day you were hired you can ask your manager politely. For example, you can say "If I'd like to discuss my salary, how and when would be the best time to do that?"

Make A List Of Accomplishments

Demonstrate your value, accomplishments, and contributions you have done at your job

Do Your Research

Find out what the going rate is for your position, be sure to consider the level of experience, education, and all of these factors will have some bearing on your salary.

Think win/win

The relationship between employee and employer should be based on mutual benefit. When you discuss your salary with your employer, try to keep this balance in mind. Be assertive in asking for what you think you deserve, but leave ultimatums like “give me a raise or I quit”.