Insect Collecting for Kids

It's all the buzzzz .... Jim Louderman is coming!

If you are interested in insects...

Maybe you would like to start showing a 4-H Entomology Collection at the Porter County Fair next year? Maybe expand a current collection? Maybe you just like BUGS!

Jim Louderman of Chicago's Field Museum Insect Collection will show us how to bait in rarely seen or collected insects, sweep the prairie grasses and set up a light curtain.

Insect Collecting for Kids - Collecting Insects 3 ways!

Tuesday, Sep. 14th, 6:30-10pm

1288 County Line Road

Michigan City, IN

9/14/21 Insect Collecting with Jim Louderman
(4-H, Scout/Family event)
6:30-10pm @ Frame Cons. Area

USE NORTH ENTRANCE and parking at 1294 No. County Line Road

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Collecting Insect Night AGENDA

6:30pm Arrive and prepare the equipment

7pm Retrieve insects collected at carrion trap
7:30pm Use sweep nets across prairie grass to collect insects

8pm Collect insects off the light sheet

STAY UP LATE with the collectors, they might go past 10pm

You collect for your own collection or help get some for the Field Museum collection.

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