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Today I will be explaining the different types of governments and the economy for the country of Mexico,Cuba, and Brazil

Government for Mexico (Different facts)

Mexico's government type is federal republic or a democracy. The number of states they have are a total of thirty one states. They also have one federal district in 2013, but we didn't get the latest news yet about any changes. Mexico has 3 political parties, they are Citizen Movement, Revolutionary Party, and New Alliance Party. The sufferage(the right to vote, not to suffer) vote age for Mexico is eighteen years old.

Mexico Government Part 2

Mexico's legislature is bicameral national congress. Mexico gained their independence on September sixteen,1810. Mexico's current president is President Enrique. He became president on December first, 2012. September 16, 1810 is the day Mexico declared their independence, it was recognized by Spain on September 27, 1821. So their national independence day is September 16 because that was the day Miguel Hildago rang the church bell. The location for this country is located at the cordinates, 19 26 N, 99 08 W in 2008, we have not received any recent information from their country.

Mexico Economy

Mexico has a mixed economy which is market and command ecomony combined. Mexico's GDP per capita is 10,307.27 in USA dollars (2013),but we have gotten recent news on the GDP per capita for Mexico for 2015. The GDP per capita for Mexico is 10,767.25 in USD.But the GDP is 1.18 trillion in USDBut the currency they use in Mexico use the currency of the Mexican Peso. 1 Mexican peso is worth fifty-six cents in US money. Their gross domestic product is 1.261 trillion dollars in USD(2013 as well).

Mexico Economy Part 2

Mexico has a five percent unemployment rate (5% of people have no job), they also have a 51.3 povert rate. They have about twelve total industries, those are ood and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, consumer durables, and tourism. The amount of imports from differnt countries add up to 371.20 billion dollars in 2012. But the imports per capita is 3,071.64 dollars. Mexico exported a total of 371.40 billion dollars in 2012.
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Brazil Governement

Brazil's government type is federal republic just like Mexico. They have a total of twenty six states and one federal district on 2013. Brazil gained their independence on September 7, 1822. Brazil also has thirty different, they have alot so i wont have time to list the differnt politicle parties. And the sufferage age is eighteen year and seventy years old, but you can voluntarly between 16 to under 18 years old.

Brazil Government Part 2

Brazil's legaslative is bicameral with eighty one seats and three members from each state and a federal district that is elected. You can find Brazil at 15 47 S, 47 55 W on 2008. It may not be the same as it is in 2008. The current president for 2016 is Dilma Rousseff, he was elected for president on 2013. They also have

Brazil Economy

Brazil has a mixed economy with a GDP per capita 11,339.52 dollars on 2012. But they GDP is 2.25 trillion dollars on 2012. They also have a 5.5 unemployment rate. Brazil exported a total of 242.60 billion dollars on the year of 2012. They also imported a total of 223.20 billion dollars worth of goods on 2012.Brazil also has a 21.4% poverty rate.
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Cuban government

Cuba has a communist state type of government. They gained their independence on the day of May 20, 1902, they gained this independence from Spain. Their current leader is Raul Castro, brother of Fidel Castro (former dictator). Cuba has a total of one political party, that is the Cuban Communist Party, they only have one party because they dont care about any other opinion that the citizen/people think, they are a communist country. Their national holiday is on January 1st same as new years but a differnt title/name it is called the Triumph of the Revolution. cuba has fifteen provinces and 1 special municipality

Cuban economy

Cuba has a command economy because it is a communist state country. Only the governement can make the economic choices for the people. Citizens also have to give the money they make to the governement. The amount of GDP that Cuba made in 2008 is 60.81 billion dollars. But the GDP per capita is 10,150.20 dollars per capita. Cuba also states that their unemploment rate is 3.8%. This could be false because no one can trust a communist country. Cuba exported a total of 5.97 billion dollars total to other countries, and the supplies they recieved from different countries adds up to 13.72 billion dollars.
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