Great Smoky Mountains National Park

as exiting as it sounds


The Great Smoky Mountains is a beautiful park. It is a large park and seems like it holds the worlds collection of animals, and plants with beautiful sights.

Where Is It Located?

The Great Smoky Mountains is located on the boarder of two states! Those states are the beautiful states of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Is It Boring?

No. As a mater of fact, The great Smoky Mountains is most entertaining. There is much to do. A lot of people like to hike. Well, if you are one of those people, the Great Smoky Mountains is the place for you. There is a long hiking trail called The Appalachian Trail. Ever heard of it? Well now's your chance to hike it.

What other things can you do there? You ask. A ton more! The most popular eating space at the Great Smoky Mountains, is Cades Cove. It serves pizza, pasta, soup, and other favorites!

There are four major waterfalls at this wonderful national park! Abrams Falls, Laurel Falls, Hen Wallow Falls, and Rainbow Falls. There are many mountains in the Great Smoky Mountains. Another thing that a lot of visitors are happy to find out is that you can go horseback riding here! And if you are the type of person that loves museums then that's just another reason to come here. There are also many historical buildings and gift shops.

Need To Know Important Details?

It is free to get into the Great Smoky Mountains. It is also free to park. But what isn't free, is staying overnight. To camp at the Great Smoky Mountains, you have to pay $14 a night. The Great Smoky Mountains is open on holidays, weekend and even weekdays! So yes, the Great Smoky Mountains is opened every day of the year! And you will be provided with bathrooms, and food. Do you want to bring a pet? Pets are only allowed on the hiking trails if leashless. But if you own a leash, dogs are allowed also on picnic grounds, parks, and the camp grounds. But that isn't required.

Are You Coming?

Now after reading about the Great Smoky Mountains, are you interested in visiting? Think about it. If you decide to come... Hope you'll Have FUN! (I know will)