Zach Whitten

Connecticut river

The Connecticut river is the longest river in the new England region of the united states. Flowing roughly southward for 410 miles (660 km) through four U.S. states, the Connecticut rises at the U.S. border with Quebec, Canada, and discharges at long island sound. Its watershed encompasses five U.S. states and one Canadian province – 11,260 square miles (29,200 km2) – via 148 tributaries, 38 of which are major rivers.[2] Discharging at 19,600 cubic feet (560 m3) per second, the Connecticut produces 70% of Long Island Sound's freshwater.[2][3] The Connecticut river valley is home to some of the northeastern United States' most productive farmland, as well as a metropolitan region of approximately 2 million people surrounding Springfield, Massachusetts, and the state of Connecticut's capital,Hartford.
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land forms in Connecticut are the Connecticut river, the twin lakes and the Berkshires. other mountains in Connecticut are the bear mountains, Canaan mountains and the hay stack mountains. Each state has it's own symbols.