Ms. King's 5th Grade Class 2014-15

Remarkable Innovators of Change!

First Kiss in 5th Grade

Incredible Year of Learning!

We had an incredible year of learning! Thank you for the honor of working with the most AMAZING kiddos in the world! I learned so much from them and I will be eternally grateful. Our year wouldn't have been as successful without the love and support of parents. Thank you! Thank you for your volunteer hours, supplies, support, kind words/gifts, and mostly thank you for being my partner in education. I look forward to hearing and seeing how these kiddos will change the world. I hope that they will always know how much they matter! I hope they'll keep a growth mindset and learn from their mistakes. I hope they'll use their greatness to serve others. I love them and hope they'll remember to bring me $1 when they graduate. :) Thank You! Have an awesome summer break!