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TIES Focus Groups

The Oregon Professional Learning/Leadership Team (PLT) for learners with Orthopedic Impairment identified common challenge areas. A focus group for Evacuation Procedures, Feeding in the School Environment, and Lifting Procedures was facilitated by the PLT at the annual TIES Conference April 5, 2019. Each group followed a protocol to gather responses to 1) What is going well? 2) What are the challenges?, and 3) How can RSOI help?

Following are links to the results of the focus group discussions. RSOI and the PLT are reviewing suggestions and seeking additional input to identify potential barriers and gather best practices. Please click below to give us your responses to the same 3 questions posed at TIES. We will keep you informed of updates.

Equipment Management

No focus group for equipment management was conducted at TIES

Click to provide your input about equipment management procedures in your school(s).

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