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The Amazon River

The Amazon River surrounds a vast rainforest called the Amazon Rainforest. It is home to many different types of fish that animals from the rainforest hunt and many humans consume as well. Plus, this river discharges about 210,000 cubic meters of water per second, making it a major hydration attraction. Not only that, but it is also a major source of transportation for tourists and product shippers.


Canada and The United States

The Butter Tart-

A butter tart is a small cake-like muffin made with butter, sugar, syrup and eggs. Various nuts and chopped fruits can be included and is most popular when served runny. The flaky buttery bread and crunchy nut top make this food almost irresistible. This is a traditional Canadian dish that has been made dating back to 1915!

Latin America


The Empanada is a famous dish not only in Latin America but in Canada and America too. Most Empanadas are made with either meats, cheeses and spices or sweet fruits turning it into a pastry. This dish is most popular with the Portuguese.



Potjiekos (or 'pot food') is a traditional African meal that is cooked in a cast iron pot and ideally a stew but some Africans put the simmered meats onto a stick much like a kabob. Many Africans put beef, cheese, onions and chicken on their Potjiekos.

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Europe and Asia


Jota is a traditioal stew mainly served as a main course and hot. It is from Istria in the region of Croatia. This stew is thick making it ideal for the colder seasons. The stew contains Pork, Sauerkraut, Beans, Potatoes and Bacon.

South West and Central Asia


This dish is a popular water drink that is like hot almond milk.It is based of a very rare orchid. Since ancient times it has been known as a nutritious food and is sometimes used as a medicine for gastric irritation. It is easily made at home since the soup can be made to taste just like the real orchid drink with packaged powdered root., cornstarch and flavorings.

Monsoon Asia


Bhajijas are perfect little snack sized balls to eat on cold or rainy days. The outside bread crust is coated in mild spices and in the middle you place various vegetables such as potatoes or onions. They also can be dipped in different kinds of traditional sauces.

Oceania and Antartica

Potato Cakes-

Potato cakes are a famous Australian dish that are mostly as snacks. These cakes are made with Salmon, Egg and of course, potatoes. They are served hot and fried so you can enjoy their crispy soft texture.