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December 11, 2014

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EXAM WEEK 12/15-12/19

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EXAM Schedule

Monday (12/15)- 4B 1:35-3:30

Tuesday (12/16)- 2A 8:30-10:15; 3A 10:20-12:05

Wednesday (12/17)- 2B 8:30-10:15 ; 3B 10:20-12:05

Thursday (12/18)- 1A 8:30-10:15 ; 4A 10:20-12:05

Friday (12/19)- 1B 8:30-10:15

Exemption Information

  • Students received their exam exemption forms today in first block. These must be turned in to their 1B teachers on Monday (12/15).
  • Aides (office and academic tutors) are required to show up for exam time (unless they have chosen to exempt).
  • Students cannot have more than five absences in a class (excused or unexcused) if they plan to exempt.
  • If a student loses his or her exemption form, it will not be replaced.

Exam Information

  • No check outs during exams.
  • Students are not to visit other schools during exam week. Middle and elementary schools are in regular session.
  • Students with their own transportation may leave before 4B on Monday if they are exempting that exam. If the student does not have transportation, he or she must remain in class.

Calculating Hypothetical Exam Grades...

From AHS Math Teacher Wendy Duffey:

This time of year we all begin to hear the question "What grade do I have to make on the exam to make ______?" Here is an easy method students can use to figure this out:

5 X (the final grade they want to get) - 2 X (1st nine weeks grade) - 2 X (2nd 9 weeks grade) = exam grade they will need to get to achieve that final grade

For example: Beth made a 79 for the 1st 9 weeks and a 86 the 2nd 9 weeks. She hopes to get an 85 for the semester. Here is how it looks:

5(85) - 2(79) - 2(86) = 425 - 158 - 172 = 95

So Beth must make a 95 on her exam to end up with an 85 for the semester.

AHS Drama Superb at State Competition

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The AHS Drama Department presented a one act play at the State drama competition on December 5 & 6.

Band Trip to Orlando!

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Having a ball in Florida!

The AHS Marching Band was the opening act for the Universal Studios Thanksgiving Parade in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, November 22. They had fun at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, City Walk, and they ate dinner at the world's largest McDonald's!

The band did a great job and enjoyed their long weekend.

CONNECT Community Service Project

Mrs. Doran's connect students delivered 23 personal hygiene bags to the homeless shelter. They put travel size soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush & holder, gum, and candy in each bag.

If anyone would like to donate sample sizes of the products listed above her students will assemble and deliver them to the shelter.

STATE Champs!

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The Austin High School Special Olympics Volleyball team competed in Montgomery on December 5. Our Black Bears came in first in State in their division and brought home the gold! We are proud of our Bears!

The Connect Leadership Team Needs Your Help

Project: AHS Connect Leadership Team T-shirts
The Austin High School Connect Leadership Team is a group of 30 students that connects AHS students and faculty through various projects that help teachers and students “Connect” in order to build, grow, and maintain relationships and learn from each other.

Funding t-shirts for this team to wear on-site will formally identify these students as they visit various classrooms to assist teachers in this school wide endeavor.

The Fund-A-Need Grant would be used to purchase approximately 30 custom printed t-shirts for a total cost of $600.00.

Go to this link to donate a few dollars or a few hundred dollars to help us be seen around campus and around the community.

Click on 9-12 and Austin High School to reach our grant proposal.

Coach Lawrence's Class Launches Rockets

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Coach Lawrence's physics classes recently successfully launched rockets after studying acceleration, gravity and range. The students had three kits to choose from (Viking, wizard, and alpha). Each kit had something different from the other kits from parachutes to fin arrangement.

Rocket Launch at AHS

Student of the Month: Committment

Winner: Khirellah Gelan

Runners Up: Katie Speegle and Mary Beth Boonarkat

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Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Hall

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Thomas Hall (AHS '11) in his own words:

Shortly after graduating from Austin in May of 2011, I moved to Tuscaloosa to begin my exciting journey as a student equipment manager for the University of Alabama football team.

Over the past four seasons, I have worked alongside 13 other students handling the day-to-day needs of the players, coaches, administration, and staff. Between organizing and managing practice and game equipment, keeping inventory of and issuing gear, setting up drills, running practices, and other countless game day responsibilities, I work well over 40 hours per week during the season. While most of the things I do go unnoticed by normal fans, they are extremely important and must be completed effectively and efficiently in order to keep the Tide rolling.

One of my biggest responsibilities is the management of our uniform system. On Sundays after games, I spend hours hand-scrubbing the grass stains out of the game jerseys and pants while also closely inspecting them for rips and tears that need to be repaired. Throughout the week, I am responsible for repacking and reorganizing everything we use on game day and am also assigned a set of game helmets to prepare (which consists of re-striping, re-numbering, cleaning, and changing the face masks). On Thursdays, my coworkers and I pack up all of the players’ game gear (helmet, shoulder pads, cleats), load everything up on the truck, and prepare to set up the gameday locker room on Friday. Depending on the location of the game, we will sometimes travel by bus overnight in order to get everything prepared for the team’s arrival on Friday evening. On Saturdays, we report for work over four hours before kickoff, roam the sidelines preventing and fixing equipment problems during the game, and are the last ones to leave hours after the game is over. Win or lose, the same routine is repeated the next week.

While I have indeed worked the past four years of my life away, I have sure had fun doing it. Being a part of two National Championships (working on number three) and two SEC Championships all while building lasting relationships with the best football players and coaches in the entire country will be something that I never forget. After being such a huge Alabama fan growing up, spending the past four seasons inside “The Process” has been the most remarkable college experience I could have asked for.

Whether I am ready for it or not, the “real world” is right around the corner and it is time for me to move on. Luckily, over the past four years I have made sure to not let my job get in the way of my dedication to excellence in the classroom.

I have landed a Tax Accounting internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers – Birmingham that will begin immediately after Alabama’s bowl game in January. Upon the completion of my internship, I will return to Tuscaloosa to finish up two classes in the mini-term and graduate in May with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Alabama’s highly regarded Culverhouse School of Accountancy. I have also been accepted into the Master of Tax Accounting program here at Alabama, which I will begin next fall. Upon the completion of my Masters Degree and the CPA Exam, I plan to start working full time with PwC – Birmingham in the fall of 2016.

Jordan Places at Magic City Invitational

Antoinette Jordan placed 2nd in the 60 meters at the Magic City Invitational Indoor Track and Field Competition. Congratulations!

Austin Wrestling

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Jingle Bell Jog

The JROTC Raiders team #1 took first place and team # 2 took second place in the recent Athens High School Christmas Jingle Bell Jog. Team members are from the left: Oscar Flores, Mayra Macias, Owen Weinle, Shaylyn Alanis, Jose Valentin, and Anthony Hernandez. Standing in front is Alfredo Pedro. Congratulations Raiders.

AHS Can Drive Collects 4700 Cans!

Thank you for your generosity!
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From the Guidance Department: Scholarship Info

A listing of external scholarship websites are listed below. It is a good idea to peruse the websites, and see which ones you meet the eligibility requirements. Some of these external scholarships ARE NOT based on academics, but other determining factors such as, ethnicity, religious preference, stature, first to go to college in family, volunteerism, etc.

· Fastweb-

· Princeton Review-

· Alabama College Counts Scholarships-

· Hispanic Scholarship Fund-

· Collegeboard –


· Scholarship experts -

Who's Who Forms Due 12/18 @ 3:30

SENIORS: Do not forget to turn in your Who's Who form to Mrs. Haughaboo before 3:30 next Thursday. Late forms will not be accepted.


FBLA Presents

Prom Fashion Show

Tuesday, January 20th

4th Block in the Auditorium at 2:45

Tickets are $2.00

Dresses and Tuxedos provided by Michael Mason

Models are our very own AHS students

All Proceeds will benefit March of Dimes and Relay for Life

All I want for Christmas is...

AHS 12/11/14 Song by Run-DMC - Christmas In Hollis