Business Boosters Series

A series of 7 courses to help you boost your business.



$150 for EDG or Chamber Members

$200 for non-members

Individual Sessions:

$40 per session

Registration Form & Online Payment Option can be found at the bottom of this page!

When & Where:

Every first Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm @ CCMC Education Room
(there will be no session in December)

Oct 1 | Basic Intro and Review of Accounting Fundamentals
Lyssa Kemper, Woods and Durham
You will learn basic accounting concepts to help you get your accounting data properly set up in a way that it can be utilized at a later time. With a good program in place the data will work for you, and will no longer feel burdensome, but instead be a key to understanding your business and planning for the future.

Nov 5 | Visual Storytelling: Web Design Users Love
Dusty Thomas, Imagemakers
Create targeted web communications that visitors love. As a group, the class will take part in persona development (target market understanding) to target the intent for the site, design standards appropriate to those personas, and testing/refinement best employed to ensure that visitors enjoy their experience while on a website.

NOTE - DATE CHANGE!!! Jan 14 | Continuation of Accounting Fundamentals & Maintaining Your Accounting Data
Lyssa Kemper, Woods and Durham
A look into business systems, good accounting practices, use of new technology, and good internal controls to help you maintain up to date information so you can attack problems when they occur instead of after the fact.

Feb 4 | Understanding Leadership Styles
Satoris Culbertson, KSU
This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to discover what type of leader they are. Attendees will learn about a variety of leadership styles, both similar and different from their own, as well as the effectiveness of these styles. Participants will come out of this session knowing when and how to utilize his or her best leadership assets within the workplace.

Mar 3 | SEO/SEM Quick Start: Making Google Love You
Dusty Thomas, Imagemakers
Learn how a website communicates with Google; how to make sure you’re in the “right place,” in front of the “right customer,” using the “right words”; how SEO/SEM is marketing connected to sales and delivering new customers; and what key attributes should be evaluated if hiring a SEO consultant.

Apr 7 | Making Decisions in Complex Situations: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Problem Solving
Satoris Culbertson, KSU
This session will focus on ways to improve one’s decision making and problem solving. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the steps involved in effective problem solving, common judgmental biases that plague managerial decision making (and how to overcome them), and strategies for making decisions when given too little (or too much) information.

May 5 | How to Use your Accounting Data
Lyssa Kemper, Woods and Durham
An overview of planning, budgeting, financial reports and useful ratios so you can utilize your financial data to understand what is taking place in your business today and plan for the future.

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