Principal's Update

August 24th - 28th

Wow, what an awesome first week of school! Thank you for your hard-work and flexibility.

We are pleased to announce that Meghan Caldwell will be joining the Lesslie Team. Meghan will be working with Hope in Kindergarten. Her first day will be August 31st. Welcome to Lesslie, Meghan. We're glad you're a Hornet!

Donna Johson will be working with Hope next week! Thanks, Hope for being a trooper through all of this! Mrs. Blakeney will be working in the tech lab until September 25th. Mrs. Blakeney has been assisting Hope this week.

Grade Level PLC

Please review your spring MAP data and be prepared to discuss at PDT on Thursday. I have uploaded a document titled "Analyzing Your Teacher/Class Report". We will use this form in PDT to analyze your individual data. I will give you a hard copy in our meeting. If you want to get started, let me know and I'll put a copy in your box.

Remember you are expected to meet in grade level PLC three times per week. These times should be during your common planning times.

We have received our allocation for substitutes for the year. We will discuss our plan and incentives for attendance this year in our first Leadership meeting on Sept. 1st. Please let me know if your grade level needs 1 or 2 half day planning days this school year. The subs used during this time will have to be taken from our allocation.

As you plan in PLC teams, please begin planning field studies and look at possible dates. We need to get dates on the master calendar as soon as possible. We will decide on a date for Curriculum Night this week.

I will e-mail each staff member and ask you to serve on a PLC team for the upcoming year. We need to utilize our strengths while striving for continuous improvement. I would like to give individuals who have expressed an interest in serving on specific teams the opportunity to do so.

We will have a fire drill and a reverse evacuation drill next week. Please make sure that students know what to do. Freda will be located between kindergarten classes and classes that line up close to the visitors parking lot.

Please plan to meet on Monday during your planning to review the RTI/Enrichment schedule. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

Action Needed

Please upload the following items into Canvas by the following dates:

Lesson Plans - Monday, August 24th

Classroom schedule- Wednesday, August 26th.

Grade level PLC times - Wednesday, August 26th.

PLC Norms - Friday, August 28th.

If you upload your norms last year and no revisions are needed, you are fine.

A suggestion box is in the waiting area outside of the main office. Students, staff, and parents may submit suggestions that will make our school better.

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