The Rolling Stones

The band that has been around for over 50 years.

The Rolling Stones are very successful, and have played for a long time.

Time is on Their Side

The Rolling stones have been around since 1962, and are still going strong today. They started off in London, and played their first gig at the Ealing Jazz Club. They played a big part in the British Invasion, a phase where British bands music entered America, and were known for their rebellious attitudes. At the peak of their career, they created rock all-time greats which included Its only Rock n' Roll but I Like it, Time is on my Side, and Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Their Logo

Their famous tongue logo is a bit odd for a band logo. Kali, the Hindu Goddess shows her tongue to represent power. The Stones saw this, and realized what better image to fill our character than a humorous tongue representing what we're all about, two words that perfectly depicted The Stones character.

What is the Point?

The Rolling Stones had to be doing this more than just to make music. Right? That was an easily fixed problem, with every ticket bought, every shirt sold, and every item purchased, all that money went to The Stones. With a total net worth of over $700 million from 6 members, it is safe to say that it was worth The Rolling Stones Time.


In conclusion, The Rolling Stones have created a legacy that will be around for a long time. They revolutionized rock and roll.